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Members of NAWARO® staff have been amassing experience and expertise through their involvement in the planning, commissioning and operations in the field of anaerobic technologies, in part since 1987.

Our Reference

Our main focus in the nineties was on anaerobic industrial waste water treatment. Today our employees carry the full responsibility for operating biogas plants which are run successfully in accordance with the EEG guidelines with a total capacity of approximately 45 MWel. In the meantime we have seamlessly added facilities for gas purification as well as for direct feeding of bio-methane to the natural-gas network to our operations. We were also able to prove our longstanding experience in the area of anaerobic technologies by being accepted onto the VDI-guideline committee (quality criteria for biogas plants).

Our Understanding of the Current Climate in the Biogas Sector

The smooth operations of complex biogas plants systems are dependent on knowledge and experience stemming from a wide spectrum of various disciplines, often leaving individual operators underpowered. The economic problems encountered when running a biogas plant often result from a combination of technical shortcomings and negative developments arising due to relevant business decisions. Technical issues is but one of many challenges that face the operators of a biogas plant. The inflexible remuneration scheme of the EEG forces each and every plant operator to initiate ongoing optimisation processes from the very start. Otherwise many biogas plants will be running danger of losing their economic viability.

Our Range of Services for the  Biogas Sector

At NAWARO® our competence originates in our experiences ranging from construction and long-term operations of biogas plants, and continues along the entire value-chain: starting with the specialist monitoring during agricultural production, continuing into bioprocess supervision and technical management and culminating in financial controlling and system optimisation. The scope of our services will be determined by you, the client. Our offer will be split into the operational, on the one hand, and the economic optimisation of your plant on the other.

  1. Operational Optimization:

    • Advice on raw material planning and supply
    • Logistics and transport optimization
    • Optimization of biological processes and services
    • Organizational plant optimization
    • Preparation of technical vulnerability analyses
    • Implementation of technical optimization measures in order to increase economic viability
    • Re-powering and -developing of biogas plants
    • Establishment of a plant-related operating data storage to facilitate continuous monitoring of plant operations
    • Organization of occupational safety in the work place
    • Development of suitable concepts for a safe and license-conforming operation as well as for compliance with relevant legal requirements
    • Implementation of operator training courses
    • Advice and support during interactions with public authorities
    • Evaluation of investment offers and support during contract negotiations
  2. Management Optimization

    • Crisis Management
    • Business plan preparation
    • Liquidity planning
    • Drawing up of profitability calculations
    • Documentation and reporting
    • Investor coordination, including schedules, cost control and interface management
    • Advice on all sales-related EEG aspects e.g. direct marketing (no legal advice)
    • Drafting of all contracts e.g. purchases, substrate supply, utilities, heating as well as gas-supply (no legal advice)

Our Team

From system operator to engineer, each member of the NAWARO® team contributes industry-specific process expertise to every project. As a full-service provider in the field of renewable energy we offer holistic supervision, combining passion with solid experience to swiftly and purposefully find solutions to complex problems.

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