Güstrow BioEnergie Park

Our BioEnergie Park in Güstrow is one of a kind. Since 2009, biogas has been generated on an industrial scale and refined to natural gas quality. In size and power (50 MWth), the NAWARO® BioEnergie Park „Güstrow“ cannot be compared to other biogas plants – it is currently the largest facility of its kind in the world by far.

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Güstrow BEP 2019

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Five ‘clover leaves’ with four fermenters produce 46 million m³ of biomethane per year in a climate-neutral way. This corresponds to about 160 million kilowatt/hours per year of power (electricity) and 180 million kilowatt/hours per year of thermal energy (heat), enough to satisfy the entire energy needs of a medium-sized city with more than 50,000 households. Approximately 5,000 cubic meters of organic gas are fed into the adjacent natural gas network per hour.

NAWARO® BioEnergie Park „Güstrow“

The largest facility of its kind in the world

About 460,000 tons of fermentation residues are created yearly as a byproduct of biogas production. These residues can be reused in our own fertilizer plant. Fermentation waste is pressed, and the remaining liquids are concentrated in a complex filtration system into liquid fertilizer. Both products, cake and liquid fertilizer, are used by surrounding farms. The NAWARO® BioEnergie Park Güstrow thus has a nearly closed fuel cycle with nutrients and humus forming carbon being returned to the arable land. The remaining water is used in the fermenter or is directed into the nearby sewage treatment plant.

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