Klarsee BioEnergie Park

Klarsee BioEnergie Park comprises a network of 40 independent 500-kW biogas facilities that produce electricity which is CO2-neutral and baseload capable, as well as heat from renewable resources such as grain and crop silage with a cumulative capacity of about 20 MW.

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Klarsee BEP, 2021

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At full operation, the bioenergy plant meets the annual electricity needs of about 50,000 households (160,000 KW h). Biogas production in individual biogas facilities occurs as part of a natural, biological fermentation process. Moist biomass is decomposed in special containers (fermenters) at temperatures of about 38°C, using exact dosages of microorganisms. The biogas is converted into electricity in the combined heat and power station of each module and the power is fed into the grid.

NAWARO® BioEnergie Park „Klarsee“

A network of 40 independent 500-kW biogas facilities

The residues from the fermentation process are refined in two main steps. The fermentation byproduct is first mechanically separated into solid and liquid substances and, in a further step, concentrated in a thermal vacuum evaporator at low pressure and high temperature. The resulting liquid and solid fertilizers (press cake) are particularly rich in nutrients and are returned to fields in order to insure and improve the balance of humus. The process water is reused in the fermentation process for the substrates.

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