Are you a farmer, a user of biogas, an investor, a technical partner, an interested citizen, a municipality or a public authority who is interested in working together with the NAWARO® group?

  • Biogas consumers

    Biogas is the most efficient and versatile type of renewable energy, especially because it can be processed and fed into the natural gas network. As soon as biogas is produced, it can be used locally to generate electricity. It is a valuable source of energy, providing a continuous baseload of power that can be adjusted when needed.

    Natural biogas is even more efficient and versatile. Biogas that has been processed to natural gas quality can be used wherever conventional natural gas can be used, and with a reduction in emissions of more than 90 percent versus conventional natural gas.

    The use of natural biogas energy in combined heat and power production (cogeneration), is extremely efficient and largely CO2-neutral. Beyond this, many combined heat and power stations are also able to actively provide balancing energy (positive and negative) and thereby help avoid or reduce the high cost of expanding the power grid.

    Proven Quality

    Our biofuels have been certified by Peterson Control Union Deutschland GmbH to comply with German sustainability regulations regarding biofuels (Biokraft-NachV) and biomass fuels (BioSt-NachV).

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    Biogas also offers opportunities for mobility. In comparison to the liquid renewable fuels (bioethanol, biodiesel) typically in use today, biogas utilizes the energy content of crops four times better (see image below). Other practical uses that are largely CO2-neutral are being developed, inconceivable for mobility based on electricity. This is especially true for city traffic, but also includes long-distance and high-performance traffic (taxis, delivery vans, or local public transportation) and even heavy duty long-haul trucking. Attractive vehicles with natural gas engines are already on the market today in all categories, so that natural biogas can rapidly and importantly contribute to mitigating climate change.

    This also applies to uses in the heating market where combined heat and power generation makes less sense. Modern condensing boiler technology is already very effective, and natural biogas augments this with its low carbon footprint.

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  • Research Institutes

    If you have ideas for research projects on biogas that you would like to put into practice with an industrial partner, » contact us!

    In the past our plants have frequently served as points of reference in funded projects, and we have also allocated smaller projects to institutes and universities. We have industrial plants, with well-documented operational data, in which parameters can be selectively varied in order to shed light on certain questions. Each bioenergy plant is also equipped with a laboratory that can take samples and analyze them. Not least, a number of continuously operated laboratory fermenters are also available for research purposes.

    If you are interested, please send a short outline of your project to us. We look forward to » your ideas!

  • Investors

    NAWARO® BioEnergie AG usually develops its bioenergy plants with external investors. We worked together with financial investors on our projects in » Klarsee and » Güstrow. For a project now being developed in » Forst, we are working together with an industrial investor. Typically, the investor owns the plant and the operator rents or leases it. Well-trained crews available around the clock ensure professional operations and an efficient use of assets.

    Capital commitment is also attractive for strategic investors such as power companies, public utilities or public utility groups. In combination with a long-term gas supply contract with the operator and with little complexity, strategic investors can rapidly develop a favorable position in the biomethane market. If you are interested in investing in a bioenergy plant, » contact us!

  • Municipalities/Authorities/Regions

    NAWARO® is your partner for planning and implementing bioenergy plants. In close contact with relevant public authorities, we offer the following range of services:

    • Land use planning

      We support municipalities whenever the implementation of a project calls for changes in the zoning plan. We also prepare all the documents needed for a development plan and/or a development proposal.

    • Permit planning

      Permit planning encompasses the compilation of all documents needed for licensing applications as designated in the German Emissions Control Act (BImSchG) and/or applications for building permits in compliance with the laws of individual German states.

    • Rainwater management

      The planning of rainwater disposal, which includes applications for water rights, is carried out in compliance with the law governing water in each German state and/or in the German Water Act.

    • Wastewater disposal

      While planning the disposal of wastewater, we also obtain the permits required.

    • Infrastructure for the planned site

      The planning for installing supply lines and facilities for water, water for firefighting, power and other infrastructure needs is organized comprehensively, and the permits required are obtained.

    • Street and traffic planning

      Street and traffic planning encompasses streets and connector roads inside the bioenergy plant, as well as links to the public transportation system and obtaining the permits required.

    If you are interested in locating a bioenergy plant of industrial scale in your municipality, » contact us!

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