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Biomass energy can make a superior contribution to sustainable energy supply in the world. Biogas currently offers the highest value to consumers and the best form of utilizing the energy potential of biomass.

»NAWARO® designs, builds and operates facilities for the production of biogas and natural biogas on an industrial scale.«

NAWARO® designs, builds and operates facilities for the production of biogas and natural biogas on an industrial scale, applying the highest standards of reliability, efficiency and environmental compatibility. We open up new opportunities for biogas in relevant dimensions.


As the market leader, we are driving innovations in biology, technology, marketing and practical applications. The profitability of a biogas production plant depends to a large extent on stable operations and thus on optimal operation management. Our competence covers the entire added-value chain, from expert guidance during agricultural production to management of biological and technical operations to applications.

NAWARO® is your professional partner for all areas of project planning and management, for facility construction, and for financial, biological and technical aspects of managing and optimizing operations. [ more » ]

Last but not least, our long-term success is backed up by years of experience in establishing and cultivating fair and cooperative partnerships with suppliers, clients, and staff.

Press Releases/News

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  • Gastkommentar, Felix Hess: Soforthilfe mit grünem Gas

    EnergieWasser Praxis - December 6, 2017

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  • Fotos: Gefahrgutübung im NAWARO BioEnergiePark Güstrow

    NAWARO Pressemitteilung - November 9, 2017

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  • Großübung: Störfall im Bioenergiepark

    Güstrower Anzeiger - November 6, 2017

  • Gefahrgutübung im BioEnergiepark Güstrow

    - October 27, 2017

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  • Günstig, sauber, grün: Die beste Alternative zu Benzin

    ProSiebenYouTube Galileo - October 25, 2017

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Become an agricultural partner?

Our formula for success is based on close and long-term cooperation with our partners, including farms in the region.


Our contract farmers cultivate high energy crops that allow for a high biogas yield. NAWARO® BioEnergie supports research projects to increase mass yields and gas production to further increase efficiency in energy production. We are also committed to increasing biodiversity in agricultural production. Our goal is to take a pioneering role in the development and use of new energy crops.

Whenever possible NAWARO® works together with local partners for cultivation, harvesting and transportation. In this way, expenses and the environmental impact of transportation can be kept down. Together with its agricultural suppliers, NAWARO® develops a logistical concept individually tailored for each location in order to minimize trucking and associated pollution.

We would love to discuss starting points for a potential cooperation with you!

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