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A pioneer in industrial biomethane production, NAWARO® BioEnergie AG and its business associates do research on managing biogas plants.

In doing so, three questions are central for us:

  1. How can we ensure the supply of biomass?
  2. How can we produce biogas more efficiently and economically?
  3. How can we improve the safety and manageability of production?

We pose these questions to ourselves and our partners in agriculture, science and industry. Our research projects range from cultivation and silage experiments with new biogas substrates, to experiments in our fermenters, where we intentionally vary the conditions for production, to fertilization experiments with organic fertilizers that are byproducts from our plants. Because many facilities run simultaneously, our bioenergy plants offer ideal conditions for investigating interesting options on an industrial scale. Professionally trained personnel and the high-quality documentation of experiments help to avoid the typical flaws found in tests done in industrial facilities.

»Professionally trained personnel and the high-quality documentation of experiments help to avoid the typical flaws found in tests done in industrial facilities.«

Developed for NAWARO®, an innovative method for determining the methane potential of biogas substrates won the 2010 “Biogas Innovation Prize” awarded jointly by the Biogas professional association, the German farmers’ association (DBV), and the BioEnergie national bioenergy association.

But it’s not just us who benefit from the findings of our research. We publish important findings of general interest for other operators’ use. For an overview of completed and published projects, please go to the » Publications section.

Our research partners

Universities and institutes we co-operate with


  • For research partners

    Cooperation with institutes, universities, scientists, graduates, post-graduates and potential business partners

    If you have ideas for research projects on biogas that you would like to put into practice with an industrial partner, talk to us! In the past our plants have frequently served as points of reference in funded projects, and we have also allocated smaller projects to institutes and universities. We have industrial plants, with well-documented operational data, in which parameters can be selectively varied in order to shed light on certain questions. Each bioenergy plant is also equipped with a laboratory that can take samples and analyze them. Not least, several continuously operated laboratory fermenters are also available for research purposes. If you are interested, please send us a short project outline. We look forward to » your ideas.

  • For graduates/post-graduates

    As the author of a senior thesis, Bachelor’s thesis, or Master’s thesis at a university or technical college, you will find with us the ideal place to work on exciting, forward-looking questions related to the operation of biogas plants. We regularly advertise our own projects, but are also happy to hear your ideas. Each person who writes a thesis with us is advised by a staff member and gains insight into the professional, industrial operation of biogas plants. If you want to write a thesis with us, please send your application as well as a project outline approved by your professor to » Human Resources.

  • For potential business partners

    Vendors of new products in the biogas industry frequently find it difficult to attract their first customers. As pioneers in industrial biogas production we have taken on this role in the past and continue to monitor the market for new developments. If your product is ready to be introduced into an industrial facility and if you are able to clearly describe the functional and economic advantage of your product, then we would be pleased to hear » your ideas.

  • For journalists

    Where is technical development in biogas plants heading? How do professional operators view various fields of research and development? If you are a journalist or scientific correspondent and are seeking a competent contact person, we look forward to » an inquiry from you.

    » Publications to date

Examples of projects

  • Development of a novel parameter (FoTS) for determining methane potential in biogas substrates
  • Experiments with operations not reliant on liquid manure and for increasing fermenter chamber load
  • Experiments in cultivation and fermentation with millet
  • Development of a procedure for ensilage and storage of sugar beets
  • Fertilization experiments with fermentation residues
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