Our business activities

The NAWARO® group’s projects are among the largest biogas facilities in the world. Our know-how is based on more than five years of experience in the areas of project planning and project management, facility construction, and operation management and optimization!

Business Activities

The focus of our activities is on industrial facilities for the production and feed-in of electricity from biogas that supply 1 MW or more. We aim to achieve maximum efficiency and the highest possible degree of availability and operational safety.

Project planning and project management

We offer comprehensive project management that pays special attention to all legal requirements such as emissions regulations and safety criteria. From raw materials to designing plants and drawing up business plans to utilizing fermentation residues and marketing of biogas or electricity, our project planning and management services include all relevant areas in the process of successfully conceptualizing an integrated, economically effective biogas facility.

  • Planning and supply of raw materials
  • Performance parameters of the plant
  • Investments
  • Timetable
  • Business plan
  • Preparation of an overall concept
  • Access to and handling of procedures with governmental authorities
  • Procurement and evaluation of bids from providers of technology and services
  • Contracting of partners / sub-contractors / service providers
  • Monitoring of compliance with emissions regulations
  • Monitoring of compliance with safety regulations
  • Preparation of concepts for utilizing fertilizer / fermentation residue

Plant construction

Our concepts for constructing, commissioning and initiating operation of biogas plants are tried and tested. Our years of experience ensure that we can advise and support our clients in planning, constructing and operating biogas plants with the highest degree of competence.

  • Project management – technical / financial
  • Time and cost control management
  • Quality control
  • Interface management
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Plant start-up

Operation management and optimization

The profitability of a biogas production facility depends to a large extent on optimal and professional operation. As one of the largest operators of biogas plants worldwide, we support our clients with our know-how.

  • We assume responsibility for or support you in:

    • operating biogas facilities designed and constructed to your specifications;
    • operating new facilities constructed for third parties;
    • optimizing or renovating plants for third parties.
  • We offer:

    • highly efficient procurement and use of raw materials;
    • monitoring and support for financial, biological and technical aspects of plant operation and adaptation or installation of a logistics concept;
    • weak-point analysis of plants;
    • preparation of concepts for optimizing or renovating plants;
    • professional implementation of optimization and renovation strategies.
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