We produce energy from biomass on an industrial scale, opening up completely new opportunities and dimensions for this alternative mode of energy production.

»Technology and know-how are combined along the entire added-value chain.«

Three factors contribute to this unique approach:

  1. 1. Technology and know-how are combined along the entire added-value chain. Our top-of-the-line bioenergy plants bring together the entire process of energy production based on biomass – from cultivation to the supply and processing of energy crops, from fermentation to biogas feed-in or the combustion of biogas to generate electricity and heat. On-site professional operator teams assure reliable operation around the clock using modern technology..

    The NAWARO® process in BioEnergie Park „Güstrow“

    Outstanding efficiency through closed nutrient cycles and an industrial approach

    BEP Güstrow

  2. 2. All processes are standardized. Our engineers optimize supply and production flows into the bioenergy facility and define standards. We begin by consulting with our contract partners over the choice of seeds from our suppliers and end by applying perfected standard procedures to prepare fermentation residues.

  3. 3. Economies of scale guarantee economic efficiency. Investment costs in biogas facilities are high. NAWARO® optimizes the cost-effectiveness of its bioenergy plants with an industrial concept. Each plant comprises approx. 20-40 fermenters, which are operated and supervised by up to 40 personnel at each location. Operating plans that bring together several facilities in a plant guarantee that technical errors and maintenance work on individual modules do not interrupt operations.

The energy yield is optimized. The feed-in of natural biogas, power and heat production, and the processing of fermentation residues are economically feasible with this approach. NAWARO® makes it possible to supply natural biogas in sufficient quantity and with very high reliability from local production, and is thereby a reliable partner for power grid operators who distribute through their grids the baseload power generated in our bioenergy plants.

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